A Magical Christmas: Welcome home to The Palace at Osowa Sien


We recommend 3 nights;)

The offer is ideal for families, friends and individuals

Experience this year's Christmas in the magical scenery of the Osowa Sień Palace. Enjoy the luxurious apartment, Christmas Eve and Christmas (with a feast), and a homely atmosphere.

During your stay, we provide sumptuous breakfasts, free parking, access to Wi-Fi and castle interiors in which you will feel at home.

On Christmas Eve - a feast in the Greco-Polish style.

Spend Christmas Day unhurriedly, relaxing in the castle interiors.

In the evening - Christmas (with a delicious dinner).

We serve in the dining room overlooking the park with old trees. Music, glass and porcelain create the perfect backdrop for European and local specialties.

The aroma of hot rolls invites guests to the buffet, which also includes vegetarian dishes and a substitute for cow's milk. Then we prepare fresh coffee. Maybe you want a double espresso?

What for children?

Children are always treated like aristocracy. For small barons and barons we have stylish porcelain, bedding and palace toys. Board games, table football and an old park are an additional attraction.

Do not hesitate to book your apartment! We have a promotional price - 1749 PLN / two people or 1149 PLN / person (for 3-nights, with Christmas Eve and Christmas feast).

To make a reservation, contact us today! Non-refundable deposit required to confirm booking.


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