Where to Eat Near The Palace at Osowa Sien

We’re a family-run boutique hotel known for our fulfilling breakfasts, stellar wine selection, and craft beer offering; but we don’t have a restaurant onsite. For booked-in-advance special occasions and events, catering and tasting menus are available, but if you’re hungry now - where should you go?

Good question!

Here are our top picks when hunger strikes. Both are nearby, reachable in 5-10 minutes by car. Should you be here without a vehicle, let us know and we’ll be sure to figure out something for you.

Let’s take a look at the closest option first…

3 km from the Palace

Knajpka U Lipowego

4.4/5 on Google, 4.9/5 on Facebook

Every now a then a restaurant, cafe, or public house will become a staple in one’s repertoire of good eats. Knajpka U Lipowego is one such place within my roll-o-dex of burger joints.

And every time I visit, it remains a 5/5 in my books.

It’s not my usual type of burger, either. We’re talking double-patties, no cheese whereas, I’m a single patty ooey-gooey cheesy-b type.

But it’s so gob-smacking good that my three-decades-in-the-making preferences are no longer relevant when I am at Knajpka U Lipowego.

The patties are fresh, and dare I say, even light to the taste - not greasy like burgers have the potential to be. So the extra patty is purely extra goodness and just the right amount of it too.

When you’re opting for the burger when here, you need to choose your sides additionally. They offer a variety - though the “steak” fries are by far the best. These potatoes taste like they just came from the farm down the road (and the probably did, this is the Polish countryside after all).

If you’re hungry and you have a penchant for burgers as I do, this place will tick all the boxes.

If burgers are not your thing, they have quite the menu - chalked full of sweet-treats, salads, and other grill options.

Address: ul. Wolsztyńska 29, Wschowa
Tel. 697 077 712

Hours: 12:00 - 21:00 (Monday-Thursday and Sunday), 12:00 - 22:00 (Friday and Saturdays)

7 km from the Palace

Pierogarnia Stara Kuźnia

4.6/5 on Google, 4.9/5 on Facebook

Touted on Trip Advisor as having “the best “pierogi” in the area” (by a Polish reviewer none-the-less), it’s safe to say that this charming little restaurant has become a local sensation.

We’ve eaten more pierogi than we can count from Pierogarnia Stara Kuznia. Our favourite?

Well, it’s tough to pick just one. We typically order several varieties, and then share them. But, if you’re looking for an insider foodie tip, try their specialty pierogi filled with ground meat, onion, peppers and pickled cucumber. If you want something vegetarian-friendly, the classic Russian-style pierogi with cheese and potato is delicious. For the latter, be sure to order a side of “Cebulka Podsmażana” (fried onions).

And no matter which style you get, let them know how you want it cooked (boiled, fried, baked, etc) - and get a topping of cream of garlic sauce (“smietana” or “czosnikowy” respectively).

Another favorite dish for sharing (or hogging for yourself) is their “Placki Ziemniaczane”. These are traditional Polish potatoe pancakes, and they hit the spot every time.

If you’re looking for a particularly hearty fall or winter meal - this is the one!

There are several varieties of it too, though the “Placki po Cygansku” is one we can’t get enough of…fighting over the last piece each time; the tomato-red-pepper-and-onion sauce is delicious.

We don’t waste any of it.

Our guests seem to have something similar to say to. Just keep in mind, they offer wine and not beer here.

Address: ul. Kurpińskiego 14, Włoszakowice
Tel. 607 279 060

Hours: 12:00 - 21:00 daily

So, what which of the above are you going to try ? If you’ve visited these restaurants or recommend others nearby, tell us (and your fellow guests to The Palace at Osowa Sien) in the comments below.