Driving in Poland: An Electric and Eco-friendly Trip

The roads are new, smooth, and tranquil (often surrounded by fir-tree forests) and there are electric car charging spots along the way - ideal for Tesla, BMW, Mitsubishi drivers and the like. The Palace at Osowa Sien awaits EW driver, sporting a 3 phase 380 volt in our open-air carpark; a service free-of-charge for all overnight guests to the chateau…

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Matt Chojnacki
What to do Near Osowa Sien, Poland

Most guests enjoy the palace for days at a time. And, though it’s hard to leave its warm embrace and unique energy, there’s a lot to do beyond the palace park. From hiking and swimming, to picnicking in the woods and visiting charming market towns - it’s easy to run out of time. For more insider tips, read this article and don’t ask the castellans about their specific ideas…

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HISTORY: The Final Resting Place of the (Good) Witch of Osowa Sień

Every town has its stories, and the village of Osowa Sien is no different for not long ago a ‘good witch’ lived here. Loved and revered by locals, she left a legacy that’s been recounted in the novels of Leonie Ossowski, and recited through the halls of The Palace at Osowa Sien. Learn why it’s so fascinating here…

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