2019: New Year - New Kind of Yoga Retreat

Sticking to new year’s resolutions used to be tough. Not any more though! Spoil yourself with yoga sessions in our ballroom, fanciful (and healthy) Mediterranean inspired breakfast, and a stellar wine selection to boot! Contact us today and reserve your spot.

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Matt Chojnacki
What to do Near Osowa Sien, Poland

Most guests enjoy the palace for days at a time. And, though it’s hard to leave its warm embrace and unique energy, there’s a lot to do beyond the palace park. From hiking and swimming, to picnicking in the woods and visiting charming market towns - it’s easy to run out of time. For more insider tips, read this article and don’t ask the castellans about their specific ideas…

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HISTORY: The Final Resting Place of the (Good) Witch of Osowa Sień

Every town has its stories, and the village of Osowa Sien is no different for not long ago a ‘good witch’ lived here. Loved and revered by locals, she left a legacy that’s been recounted in the novels of Leonie Ossowski, and recited through the halls of The Palace at Osowa Sien. Learn why it’s so fascinating here…

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