Before the German-Polish borders changed in 1945, a vivacious Leonie Ossowski (then Jolanthe von Brandenstein) grew up inside these very palace walls. As luck would have it, she’s a member of the original landowner’s family and an accomplished author.

We’re grateful for her engaging depictions of Osowa Sien - brought back to life through her Silesian Trilogy and definitive literary works.

As an homage to her and the happenings that once characterized this countryside village, our collection of rooms have been inspired by her riveting books.

All suites come with kitchenette or pantry complete with coffee and tea larder. The rooms are not air conditioned, but have plenty of windows to open up and they remain ambient due to the thick walls. If it's particularly hot, we've got fans and a complimentary glass of wine - chilled to perfection.

Most suites have a 32-40" Smart TV. If this is important to you, please let us know so we can ensure you've chosen the right one. 

Last but not least, please keep in mind that the suites are all on the 2nd or 3rd floors. Which means you'll get stair-climb workout for free. Of course we're happy to help with the luggage. 

the English clubhouse styled suite's the palace at osowa sien has a dark wooden antique bed and French provincial linens

Das Dienerzimmer (Butler’s Room)

Though this is not the original Butler's Room, this suite has been created in tribute to the palace’s defining wartime butlers and maids described in the book it’s named after. The chesterfield, cloth-covered chairs, and view over the main entrance give this space a distinct English country club feel. It’s textbook for the traveling professional, or couple looking for a classic retreat.

Neben der Zärtlichkeit (Next to Sensativity)

The suite’s name is derived from the book Next to Sensativity and it aspires to do just that – deliver a tender yet playful feel. Sporting a beige and rose palette with plush sitting area, this home-styled suite is full of warmth. Young families adore the charming layout, complete with a space for the little one– mini-bed, table, teddies, and all.

exposed beams, warm rose and beige palette of the next to sensitivity suite in osowa sien palace

the curtained bed chamber of the ever-romantic sour cherries suite in the palace at osowa sien

Weichselkirschen (Sour Cherries)

Known as our Sour Cherries apartment, it pays tribute to the second book of Leonie’s Silesian Trilogy which centers around life in this castle. The rich wooden carved antiques combine with new pieces - harkening to years past while making it hard to leave the embrace of modern comforts. Couples seeking romantic retreats love its curtained bed-chamber.

Wolfsbeeren (The Deadly Nightshade)

Named after The Deadly Nightshade, the first title in Leonie’s Silesian Trilogy, purple and dark-red notes accent the space to embody its style. As a single-floor, one bedroom suite, it offers modern comforts defined by charming antiques and wooded beams. Complete for couples or friends who prefer a cosy nook in the castle.

the smart and cozy 30 sq meter deadly nightshade suite's quaint lounge nook

the expansive two-storey tin paradise suite's large comfortable living room  in osowa sien palace

Das Zinnparadies (Tin Paradise)

Sporting a palette relative to the book The Tin Paradise, grey, oak, and turquoise notes are present throughout the space to induce a sense of refreshment. It’s unique in its presentation of dramatic beams over an expansive two-floor layout fir for four. The choice antique café table and chairs add to the ambiance, making it a favourite among families and groups of friends.

Stern ohne himmel (Stars without sky)

Laid-out in an airy loft-like design with the sleeping quarters on an upper split-level, Stars Without Sky shares its name with one of Leonie’s wartime stories.  Oak and ivory hues are further accented by subtle grey notes, invoking a minimalistic, fresh Scandic feel. The windows offer a view of the Garden making this a preferred suite for those who want to take it easy.



Holunderzeit (Elderberry Time)

Identified as the Elderberry Time suite, these quarters leverage a palette that embodies a restorative energy, inspired by the third book of Leonie’s Silesian Trilogy. The beige, ivory, and robin's egg blue palette translates across the four-person duplex into a timeless, yet whimsical feel. The comfy sofa and plush living area are well suited to groups of friends or a family that's traveling together. 


Blumen Für Magritte (FLowers for magritte)

Celebrating Leonie’s witty collection of tales Flowers for Magritte, shades of light green and grey present throughout the accommodation to embody the book it’s named after. An original tower suite with private balcony access - through a window - tall ceilings add to the elevated stature of the space. It’s a favourite of clever couples who love privacy, stately settings, and an atmosphere particularly conducive to conversations from dusk to dawn.


wine cellar at osowa sien's romantic polish palace

Run away to Osowa Sien

The Palace at Osowa Sien’s various online hotel profiles tout over 150 reviews, with rankings of 9.7/10 on Booking, 4.8/5 on Facebook, and a 1st place position of all available hotels in the area via Trip Advisor. Guests rave about the castle’s ambiance, suites, and hospitality, describing their stay as “Magical, peaceful ...”, and confirming it as a “Beautiful refuge in the Polish country side.” with “wonderfully decorated rooms, local delicacies for breakfast and the winning personalities of the owners!” 

Guests love the “Great wine cellar”, while couples add that it affords “an amazing getaway and retreat!”