woman in wedding dress at palac osowa sien

Photoshoot on the Castle Grounds

Newlyweds are welcome to take advantage of the possibility of organizing an engagement or wedding photo shoot at Palac Osowa Sien. After a simple reservation, couples will be able to capture important moments in the scenery of the historical park with exotic trees and whimsical setting. Possibilities exist inside the palace for those looking to add another dynamic to their shoot.

Tel: +48 794 341 846
E-mail: matt@palacosowasien.pl



Price list:

The Palace Park - 200 PLN

Park and inside main entrance, with a glass of wine each - 250 PLN

Park, interior of the palace and one suite, with a glass of champagne each - 400 PLN

wedding in the palace at osowa sien

*valid from January 1 to December 31, 2019*

The wedding day is an incredible milestone in one’s life – a celebration of two unique people coming together to bond as one. To best embrace the occasion, family, friends, and of course the new couple come together to commemorate this rare and magical occasion.

It is worth taking care of every detail to ensure you cherish it for years to come. So, indulge yourself and say ‘yes to the dress’, select the freshest flowers you can find, and choose a venue you love – one where the atmosphere makes you fall in love all over again. 

Here in The Palace at Osowa Sien, we pay attention to every small detail, tailoring our offers to each couple's unique needs.

Please use the details below as a guideline, but know that boutique and intimate vintage-chic affairs are our specialty, and of course we’re happy to cater to to smaller groups for such occasions.

desk in das Dienerzimmer suite

accommodation offer

The Palace at Osowa Sien has 10 suites within the palace walls, each ranging from 30-55 square meters and suitable for 1-4 guests per. For weddings, we can accommodate up to 32 guests at a preferred wedding rate, secured in advance.

For wedding parties that reserve rooms for 20+ people, the luxury suite for newlyweds is free of charge – a gift from us.

Breakfast and parking is included in the price of the accommodation as well as early check-in and late check-out. 

Prices start at 175 PLN per person, based on rooms with a minimum of double occupancy.

the lumen for Magritte suite in palace osowa sien

Ballroom, Dining Room/Parlour + dance floor in the Lobby or Cellars Below

Long tables –  70 people
Round tables – 92 people

Up to four stately rooms are joined together by a main entrance hall where guests may mingle between dinner and dancing.

This is ideal for bigger parties that want to luxuriate inside the palace proper: in style and comfort. After dining, guests have the option to take the party to the lobby or head to the stone and brick cellars (which have an undeniable tavern-like charm to them).

...a great place with an amazing atmosphere.
— Wojciech, Polska
the bathroom of palace osowa sien's lumen for Magritte suite


Dining Room/Parlour + Lounge + dance floor in the Lobby

Long tables – 30 people
Round tables – 44 people

Come together for a champagne reception in the lounge before heading off to dinner in the dining room and/or parlour. Regroup for a sweets table in the lounge, followed by music and dancing in the lobby.

This option is also ideal for intimate wedding affairs of 20 guests.

Beautiful building. Stylish decor. Cozy...
— Alexander, Germany
the balcony of the blumen for Magritte suite in palace osowa sien


Long tables – 20 people
Round tables – 44 people

Tables can be set up outside on the palace grounds or terrace, weather permitting, under the stars. Decorated with ample candlesticks to achieve the ideal atmosphere. A Champagne or Sekt reception is hosted in front of the grand entrance steps away.

Though music must turn down at 11:00 PM in respect of the neighbours, the cellar doors open up to the terrace and the party continues in this vaulted brick and cozy space throughout the evening.

Modern comfort in beautiful historic surroundings. Highly recommended!
— Klaus, Denmark
Beautiful, Magnificent Palace, just like a little Bavarian castle. Rooms equipped with antique furniture and porcelain tableware. Everything is a magical, unique climate...
— Asia, Poland

Garden Party

Make use of our expansive palace park by planning a party in the garden. For smaller receptions, this can be under the stars among the canopy of the midnight sky (in warmer months) or within the luxurious setting of spacious tenting.


Should you have a preferred external caterer in mind, here are some extras that we may provide for you at the palace. 

Tents: 500-3500 PLN

White wooden Folding Chairs for outside +10 PLN per

Black Design Chairs +20 PLN

Round or Rectangular Tables +25 PLN

Couples interested in church weddings – we assist with contacting the Parish.


wedding menu

<Sample for a 3-course dinner>

From 225 PLN/person

An Amuse Bouche, followed by a…

Starter: choice of roasted red pepper and pear soup, goat cheese covered in sundried tomatoes and basil, or a bistro salad, for example. Then onto a…Main: choose from a variety of dishes such as trout, chicken breast, or beef sirloin with all the trimmings. The menu is curated seasonally for the freshest offers. And, save room for…Desert: a trio of sweets such as chocolate dipped strawberries, babeczki, and tarts from our preferred baker or sink your teeth into our house-recommended hand crafted torty.

Coffee/Tea/Mineral Water/Juice Included.


- Wine from 60 PLN / bottle    -  Regional Craft Beer from 12 PLN / 500 ML bottle   Sekt/Prosecco from 85 PLN / bottle -  Champagne from 175 PLN / bottle - 

Midnight Table

From +25 PLN/person

Platters of cold cuts, vegetables, artisanal cheeses, breads, butter, smalec, homemade preserves, salads, devil eggs, smoked fish, fruits, chocolates, and nuts, and a variety of dips and spreads.

Picnic/Grill Menu

From 99 PLN/person

Pork neck with smoked paprika, Free-range chicken breast with honey-moustard sauce, BBQ sausage, BBQ blood sausage, Roasted potatoes with garlic-herb butter, country salad, Coleslaw, Homemade smalec, Pickled cucumbers, Craft bread selection, Yeast cake with seasonal fruits, Apple pie, Rose donuts, artisanal locally roasted G Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Milk, Lemon unlimited, Water and Tymbark fruit juice

*vegetarian grill options available*

Marinated BBQ-Mushroom Skewers served with a peanut-ginger sauce, Cherry Tomato-Basil Mozzarella Skewers, Homemade Chickpea Falafels, Homemade Tomato-Bean Salad, Greek Salad, Homemade Mint and Dill Yogurt sauce 

table setting in the palace osowa sien private dining room


Love should be celebrated every day of the week. For couples on a budget, we offer exclusive weekday wedding rates (for receptions scheduled on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, excluding public holidays). Costs are 20% reduced.

Weddings scheduled during weekends, excluding public holidays, in the months of November, January, February, and March receive a preferential 15% discount and a complimentary overnight accommodation for the newlyweds. No guest-room rental minimum quantity necessary. 

Special offers may not be combined.



booking confirmation process & policy

The conditions for making a reservation:

1. Make a booking request (email or delivery by mail to the Palace email address) containing the person’s name making the reservation (customer), address, telephone contact, email address, date of interest, number of guests, potential budget or preferences.
2. Receive a confirmation of the booking request receipt by the Palace, specifying the amount of the booking deposit and the due date of the payment.
3. If the deposit is not paid within the time specified by the Palace, the reservation is not valid.
4. In the event of cancellation of the booking by the Customer after making the advance payment, the Palace shall retain the advance payment made by the Client as a cancellation fee.
5. If you go ahead with your event the payment advance will go towards your final bill