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Host your business conference or event at the Palace

Business and event planners are welcome to organise a conference, meeting, or event at The Palace at Osowa Sien (Palac Osowa Sien).

Though each is unique in its planning, the palace has a variety of conference rooms and salons which vary both in size and style, making them suitable for a number of occasions.

The possibility for complete privacy also exists should planners wish to reserve the entire facility and 10 suites for their corporate needs.

For more details on arrangements, room logistics, meals, and accommodations, please see below. To make your reservation please contact the reception in advance:

Tel: +48 794 341 846

Price list:

Full-day (8 hours) meeting room only, no accommodations required  - 500 PLN / 15 people

Half-day (4 hours) meeting room only, no accommodations required  - 325 PLN / 15 people

All meeting rooms come set up with chairs, tables, pens, note paper, whiteboard, and mineral water. Projector and/or audio equipment extra.

desk in das Dienerzimmer suite


Pałac Osowa Sien ma 10 apartamentów w obrębie murów pałacowych, każdy o powierzchni od 30 do 45 metrów kwadratowych i może pomieścić 1-4 gości.

W przypadku imprez biznesowych i konferencji, możemy przyjąć do 32 gości po zaniżonej stawce, zabezpieczonej z góry.  

Jeśli potrzebujesz więcej pokoi, w pobliżu dostępne są dodatkowe miejsca noclegowe.  Dodatkowo, śniadanie i parking są wliczone w cenę zakwaterowania.   W przypadku spotkania biznesowego    wczesne zameldowanie i późne wymeldowanie jest bezpłatne po wcześniejszym uzgodnieniu z personelem

one of the palace at osowa sien's meetings rooms


Located on the main floor, the most symbolic salon in the palace has a spacious layout characterized by generous windows which let in copious amounts of ambient light. The room is 84 square meters and is suitable for meetings and groups of 30-70 people.

The Dining Room

In many respects, this room has an unrivalled atmosphere. Located on the main floor, near reception but away from the hustle and bustle of the guest rooms and kitchen, it’s calm and exclusive. A statement table with ample space for paperwork and plates, sits 10 people generously. For larger groups, long rectangular tables or rounds can be added to make room suitable for 20+. When additional space is needed, the doors open up to the original ballroom. 

...a great place with an amazing atmosphere.
— Wojciech, Poland
wine can be enjoyed at palace osowa sien after business meetings


The Parlour

Setup with round tables, this room is ideal for events in need of break-out space or an overflow room. Alternatively, this room is often used for dining if the Dining Room is to be left as-is at the end of the day’s meetings (so as not to disturb meeting materials and set up).

 The Cellar

Located in the 19thcentury basement of the Palace, among the vaulted red-bricked ceilings and Romanesque tiled stone floors, it has its own piano, wine cellar, and spacious rooms: opening up to one another as well as leading up to the palace terrace nestled in the park above. A cast iron stove and comfortable sofas makes it perfect for organizing events and parties post-conference or wedding.

Beautiful building. Stylish decor. Cozy...
— Alexander, Germany
palace osowa sien red Olivetti typewriter from the weichselkirschen suite

The Lounge                                 

Defined by oversized Chesterfield statement couches and a baby grand piano, this room is ideal for laid-back chatter made idly while fireside in winter, or whilst the statement windows are opened up to reveal the park beyond.


This space works well after parties and conferences for socializing or as a break-out room where coffee and tea may be enjoyed throughout the day for smaller groups





Modern comfort in beautiful historic surroundings. Highly recommended!
— Klaus, Denmark
cheese and bread on slate boards




Our stately breakfast is provided free of charge to all guests who stay overnight at the palace. 

Breakfast includes a variety of cold cuts, artisanal cheeses, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cookies, croissants, bread buns and loaves, cereals, free-range eggs from the local farmer, local cake/tarts, homemade preserves, hand-roasted unlimited coffee from Wroclaw’s G-Coffee, as well as tea, lemon, milk, juice, and mineral water throughout.

Visiting guests who do not require overnight accommodations may join breakfast for a nominal 30 PLN cost.




A mid-day meal is available with advance notice for business and private event groups.

Our self-service lunch includes a variety of prepared rustic sandwiches, salads, cookies/sweets, fruits, hand-roasted unlimited coffee from Wroclaw’s G-Coffee, as well as tea, lemon, milk, juice, and mineral water throughout.

Priced from 25 PLN


The palace offers a ‘Prix Fixe’ three-course evening meal when booked in advance.

This includes either a starter such as soup, salad, or a featured appetizer like sundried tomato drench goat cheese, a main entre such as souvlaki, steak, or trout, and concludes with dessert consisting of a local specialty cake, or ice cream drenched in amaretto and crushed walnuts, followed by coffee and tea.

Prices from 80-125 PLN for groups of 10 or more.

Snacks for Wine and Beer

Our palace is secluded which makes it ideal for strategic meetings and private business conferences. But these occasions need not be all about work. Instead, opt to head to the lounge or terrace to enjoy our regional and carefully chosen beverage offerings. Some tapas, served on slate platters (and perfect for sharing), finish off the evening in style.

Tapas boards available for 50 PLN per (suitable for 2-4 people to share if dinner is also ordered).

Regional Beer selection (500 ML) available from 10 PLN/bottle, select wines available from 60 PLN per bottle, or 15 PLN per glass.

Outside Catering

If you wish to bring an outside caterer to the palace, please note room rental fees apply. Should you opt for internal catering and overnight accommodations, then the appropriate rooms will be allocated to your group exclusively, free of charge.

For groups as small as 15+, the palace facilities, and grounds may be reserved entirely for your group’s private use – meaning no other guests will be permitted during your reservation period. Some conditions apply – please inquire for more details.

the castle wine cellars at palace osowa sien



Wine Tasting

The palace can organize wine tastings for business groups of 10 or more individuals. During the tasting, a trio of wines (100 ML each) will be presented alongside tasting notes and information about the grape variety, vineyard, its history and importance.

Tastings can be conducted in the castle cellar or on the terrace outside.

Cost from 30 PLN per person.



Horse Drawn Carriage Ride around the Countryside 

We work with local stables to provide guest groups with memorable horse drawn trips around the western Polish countryside that we call home.

Carriage rides for up to 5 people available starting at 275 PLN per hour, with additional hours available at a discounted rate. Wagon rides for up to 18 people available starting from 250 PLN per hour, with additional hours available at discounted rates. Advance bookings necessary to guarantee availability.  

Happy Hour

Events are best when they balance work and play. As such, we offer the opportunity for a scheduled ‘happy hour’ after a long day at the office or an ideal way to conclude an afternoon conference.

Happy hour features a set bar menu at a preferred rate. All beers are regional craft selections available in 500 ML bottles. Wines have been carefully chosen from boutique family vineyards from Germany, France, and Italy.

Happy hour is excusive to your group and may be set up on the palace terrace, in the lobby, lounge or in the cellars below. 

The Park

Our estate features a large historical park with open space as well as refuge from the sun under the canopy of our 300-year old trees. This offers the ideal space for event planners to set up their own games, activities, mix and mingle sessions, or attractions like bouncy castles. 


The palace is located minutes away from the Przemęcki Park Krajobrazowy, a beautiful forest full of trails and characterized by its many lakes and streams. For more adventurous groups who wish to take an afternoon hike, this is the perfect oasis. Afterwards, guests are encouraged to return to the palace for a happy hour or grill session.


We work with several different purveyors of wild game, organic goods, and regional specialties – all of which are perfect for a BBQ grill session. Cost per person starting from 60 PLN.

people attend a branding business meeting at the conference room of palace osowa sien


A group of 10 need a secluded retreat to rethink corporate strategy this fall.

Here’s what their stay looks like at Palace Osowa Sien:


12:00 - Arrival/Check-in at the Palace: 

15 people will occupy 6-double suites, and 3 single-occupancy suites. Cost: 340 PLN for double occupancy, 260 PLN for single. (2820 PLN total)

12:30-16:30 Meetings in the “Dining Room”, self-serve lunch catered in-room:

15 people enjoy the exclusive meeting space as part of their booking package. Cost: Room is free, Lunch is 25 PLN per person, (375 PLN total)

16:30 –17:30 Happy Hour in “The Lounge” with tapas, beer, and wine 

Cost: 50 PLN / tapas board x 4, 2 bottles of palace-wine, 10 beers (440 PLN total)

17:30-18:15 Break: Before dinner, guests return to suites upstairs to freshen-up


18:15 – 20:15 A 3-course dinner enjoyed in “The Parlour” or “The Dining Room”:

The group pre-ordered the local fresh trout specialty with all the trimmings. Cost: 80 PLN per person (1200 PLN total)

20:15 – end of day – Open Time

The group is free to enjoy kicker in the palace tower, sit fireside on the terrace with a beverage, or retire to their room before the next day.


07:00 - 09:00 - Breakfast in the parlour:

Included in cost of overnight accommodation.

09:00-13:00: Meetings in the “Dining Room”, self-serve lunch catered in room:

15 people enjoy the exclusive meeting space as part of their booking package. Cost: Room is free, Lunch is 25 PLN per person, (375 PLN total)

13:00-14:00 Late checkout, free of charge.


Total cost for private meeting rooms, all meals, drinks, and overnight accommodations for 15 people in this example is 5210 PLN or only 347 PLN per person.

Booking Confirmation Process & Policy

The conditions for making a reservation:

1. Make a booking request (email or delivery by mail to the Palace email address) containing the person’s name making the reservation (customer), address, telephone contact, email address, date of interest, number of guests, potential budget or preferences.
2. Receive a confirmation of the booking request receipt by the Palace, specifying the amount of the booking deposit and the due date of the payment.
3. If the deposit is not paid within the time specified by the Palace, the reservation is not valid.
4. In the event of cancellation of the booking by the Customer after making the advance payment, the Palace shall retain the advance payment made by the Client as a cancellation fee.
5. If you go ahead with your event the payment advance will go towards your final bill