Driving in Poland: An Electric and Eco-friendly Trip

A road trip into Poland can be a breeze now due to the rapid infrastructure developments on the roads, including the new S5 highway connecting Wroclaw in the south-west, to Poznan in the north-west. Lucky for us, we’re situated right in-between these two urbane destinations, in the idyllic countryside - just moments off of the highway.

And, not only are the roads new, smooth, and tranquil (often surrounded by fir-tree forests), but there are electric car charging spots along the way - ideal for Tesla, BMW, Mitsubishi drivers and the like.

And, of course, The Palace at Osowa Sien awaits you and your EV.. We’ve got a phase 3 380 volt 11 kw port for you to charge-up during your stay with us.

It is helpful to know that there are other suitable charge points in the region and throughout the country which accessible via https://www.plugshare.com.

As with other destinations, there are different accommodation, rest stops, and restaurant providers offering charging at their establishments, so it’s always best to plan ahead when it comes to logistics.

The charge point here in The Palace at Osowa Sien is provided for in our free-of-charge open-air car park. A quick hook up, our staff can help you get sorted. No RFID card or app required.

In Poland, electric car and hybrid drivers are growing. According to Warsaw’s First News, there are already almost 5000 drivers and 700 charge stations throughout the country. Progressive businesses are also looking to make the switch, and EcoCar, a tech-first, ecologically-friendly and reliable cab company is also ideal guests grabbing an ad-hoc ride from the airport of Wroclaw to head to our castle in Wschowa (approx. 70 minute trip).

Matt Chojnacki