What to do Near Osowa Sien, Poland

A getaway is all about unspoiled time  – an increasing rarity these days. By adding an experience-driven element, the trip together will become even more noteworthy. 

As such, guests may take advantage of our insider-advice and local know-how to truly reveal the hidden gems of this Polish palace retreat. 

The following suggestions will only add to the magic of it all. 

For Fun in the Sun, Lakeside

The Palace at Osowa Sien is just 15 km (9 miles) from Western Poland’s expansive (Leszczynskie) lake district. Home to around 50 lakes and waterways, it’s ideal for recreation, rest, and relaxation throughout the spring and until fall.  The favorite spot among young couples  and solo travelers finds itself in Boszkowo; a characteristic resort town. Here visitors can expect several beaches, including one private-access area with paid entry possibilities.

Outside of the beach-bum hub, you'll discover numerous appealing vistas and peaceful lakes.

Boats can be rented affordably from many beachfront outlets located across the area. Canoes and water bikes are the most popular craft and are very cost-effective to rent.

One of the better canoe trails however, can be discovered here.

During the summer, romantic picnics lake-side are the ideal way to spend the early afternoon. Swimming, canoeing, and lounging under the warmth of the sun are also much-loved waterfront pastimes. For insight into the hidden gems of lakes – the castellans recommend canoeing in a less-populated area where the waters are calm and graced with Lilly pads. For swimmers seeking clear, warm waters and a bit more tranquility, try Lgin ;)

For guests who plan to be outside all day, The Palace at Osowa Sień offers homemade hampers for pick up after breakfast. The baskets are woven locally by the weaver of Osowa Sień and then filled with yummy goodies encompassing a wise-selection of local and artisanal European products. 

There are three styles of picnic hampers to choose from. When interested, guests should ask the castellans about the choice among them (The Taverna Owner’s Daughter (veggie-forward), The Brandenstein, and The Gentleman’s Larder). 

Ordering in advance to secure a hamper is highly recommended as they’re made fresh daily and limited in quantity. Blankets available upon request for a nominal additional stipend. 

Trips into Town

During the year, the old town-square of Leszno is well worth a visit too. 

There’s more to this town than initially meets the eye – provided visitors are in the know – and the castellans are happy to make recommendations or even a reservation for curious couples with a passion for discovery. 

Located just 17 km (10 miles) from the castle, the town has a historic square that makes for an afternoon well spent. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, it offers a welcomed backdrop to the many fairs, bazaars, and events that the city hosts annually. 

From food truck festivals to farmers markets, and other themed occasions – couples enjoy walking about, sipping on a coffee in a quaint bistro, holding hands, and sampling new wares or participating in the associated activities – hand-in-hand.

The best spots are to be found within the walls of the museums, ice cream parlor, and locals that surround the old Germanic town hall. Each of which offers something unique for couples looking to discover Western Polish culture and tradition by taking in the smells, sights, and sounds that help to define this countryside. 

Our favourites? Though there are too many to list them all, here's an overview:

  • Delicje: Great place for Torts and Icecream

  • Zielona Antresola: a pierogi house with a modern flare and very charming garden-terrace

  • Krewnego (motor-sport) Pub (open in the evening only) - let Kamile know we sent you.

For those looking to stay closer to the palace, a little trip into nearby Wschowa (3 KM) is interesting to say the least. The architecture alone provides a rare time-capsule glimpse into centuries prior. From Barroque to Classicist and Imperial facades, there's a lot to fascinate curious minds.

Wschowa is known for its museums, beautifully renovated library, and churches. A couple places also present absolutely scrumptious goods like Szarlotka Bakery (well worth the stop). Small market kiosks also open up to the town's main streets for those looking to pick up some farm-fresh fruit and veg. 

Outdoorsy Types

Local forest, hiking, and biking opportunities abound.

As the castle is mere minutes from the Przemęcki Park Krajobrazowy, guests who prefer being out in nature are easily able to enjoy a day of hiking in the woods. In select seasons, local professionals and guides sometimes offer tours and mushroom picking excursions as well.

For those who favour biking instead, a handful of trails have been scouted by avid local cyclists. From the castle, guests can embark of one of four ‘easy’ rated day-trips that vary in length from 20 – 60 km (1 hour 45 minutes – 5 hours of cycling). Whilst exploring the countryside together, travelers can expect to uncover numerous abandoned villas, palaces, and remnants of history or lake-strewn fields and forests. No matter the preference, short or long, historic or rural, these trips provide numerous opportunities for scenic picnics and savvy Instagram-selfie sessions.

The castellans are happy to help guests on their way and determine which route is best for them. Though, a little suggestion: ask about the ‘Siedlnica’ trails in May should wonderful fragrances ranging from flowering acacia and blossoming lily of the valley, to scents of the meadows and haymaking be of interest.

Horseback Riding

Lessons, couples and friends rides horseback, horse-drawn carriage tours: Multiple horse farms and stables are present throughout the region with whom we are actively seeking to build a partnership. Four forested and lakeside trails are also well groomed and situated nearby.

TIP: By planning ahead, you may expect equal parts excitement and anticipation. Excitement around getting away at last, and anticipation of what’s to come. No fuss or muss to get in the way, scrambling for dinner arrangements, or last-minute planning to do after arrival when time is most precious.

Have questions? Let us know in th comments below or via email (Jamie@palacosowasien.com)