PET POLICY: House Rules for our Dog-friendly Boutique Hotel

Leave little Bailey or Max at home? No way. We’ve got a pet policy for you and yours.


In many respects, pets are family members and travel companions too. At our dog-friendly hotel, they’re an extra guest who needs to be acknowledged in advance and accommodated accordingly. 

As such, we lovingly accept well-behaved doggies and just require that you ask us for our permission ahead of time, and agreeto follow our house rules for furry-friends.

Asking for Permission

Message to tell her a bit more about the personality and breed of your pet. This will help to ensure an optimal stay for our other guests while resulting in a tailored recommendation; helping fit your room choice to you and your puppy.

When we approve your extra little guest, a 12,50 € per-night per-pet duty is applied to cover the additional housework required to accommodate your +1. 

Rules for Furry-Friends Staying in The Palace at Osowa Sien Hotel

1.     To ensure your safety and comfort, a maximum number of occupants is proscribed per suite. As such, guests may have up to two pets per when given the A-OK before arrival.

2.     To keep pets well attended, they must be accompanied by you at all times in-room and throughout the palace grounds.

3.      In the presence of others or while enjoying public spaces, please put that pup on a leash! There’s ample room-to-roam within minutes of the palace and advice is just an email away (read: forrest trails and hiking paths to tucker out the pooch).

4.      Fancy a wine outside? Your little buddy can relax on the palace terrace next to you if discreet. And, though the breakfast parlour and wine bar are not always suitable for doggies, we can provide room service at a nominal fee.

5.       Though polite, a bark here or there is bound to break the silence. You’re expected to curtail this in the interests of all guests.

6.     If you want to pamper your canine, special bedding and blankets are available for letting from the hotel as the sofas, guest-beds, and linens are off-limits to furry-critters.

7.     When it is wet or mucky out, all dogs must be cleaned off with a dog blanket before they can enter the hotel. Special access into the cellar may be provided for exceptional weather conditions.

8.     Did your dog have an accident? Hey, it happens. Please let us know if you need assistance. In the off-chance that damages have resulted, you’re responsible to remedy them via reimbursement.